Tarragona Tourism


On Saturday 06th Feb there will be a guided tour of Tarragona for all conference participants remaining:

Meet in the Jaume I Patio, which is located inside of the city hall/Adjuntament Tarragona at 10 am. The entrance to the Hall in in Placa de la Font.

Brief History OF Tarragona

Tarragona is located in eastern Spain, in the region of Catalonia, an hour away from Barcelona. A beautiful town steeped in Medieval and Roman history, surrounded by sandy beaches and the port of Serrallo with its mixture of yachts and fishing boats.

The region of Catalonia was first settled during the middle Palaeolithic. Later the region was conquered by the ancient Greeks, followed by the Carthaginians and then the Romans. The city of Tarragona is particularly well known for its Roman ruins today and for this reason has been awarded world heritage destination by UNESCO.

Before the Romans arrived Tarragona (known as Tarraco) was a stronghold of the Carthaginias. Romans first conquered Tarraco in around 218 BC. The city grew in prosperity and by 25-26 had become the 2’nd capital after Rome. This was when the emperor Augustus took up residence.

List of other archaeological sites in Catalonia:


CARNIVAL Feb 2016: http://www.tarragona.cat/cultura/festes-i-cultura-popular/carnaval/

Between the 2’nd and 9th of Feb 2016 is Carnival so there will be a lot of events taking place for all ages in Tarragona. The main carnival parade should be on Saturday night (the 6th).

For more information about Tarragona and on events taking place visit the tourist information board on: http://www.tarragonaturisme.cat/en


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